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Contact greater Atlanta's multifaceted septic company to assist you with a wide range of services at affordable prices. Superior Septic in Canton, Georgia, provides the highest quality service to our residential and commercial customers. No two calls are the same and we never cut corners in providing our services. We gladly go the extra mile utilizing our extensive knowledge to benefit you. Contact us to speak with one of our seasoned professionals.

      ALL 4+ Star REVIEWS    

      ALL 4+ Star REVIEWS    

Septic Tank Service 

Septic Tank Service Canton GA

Superior Septic - provides a variety of services for residential and commercial clients including septic tank service in Canton GA. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. Below you will find further details regarding our sewer and septic services.

Septic Tank Pumping Canton, GA

Depend on Superior Septic for superior septic tank pumping in Canton GA.  While there are several maintenance techniques that in most cases will prevent septic and sewer problems, you can still experience unexpected difficulties. Whether these occur at home or at a business location, sewer and septic tank problems are unpredictable and have a tendency to happen when you least expect them. There are basically three common mistakes people make when they experience a septic tank or sewer emergency:

Mistake #1 – They try to fix the problem on their own. Unless you are an experienced septic tank technician, you are courting trouble when you try to handle septic tank problems on your own.

Mistake #2 – They hire an unqualified person, instead of checking references or at least reading some reviews online about the company that you are preparing to hire.

Mistake #3 – They avoid the issue by putting off the septic tank or sewer problem which only makes the repair more difficult.

All of these mistakes can be costly. When you are experiencing a septic tank or sewer problem don’t procrastinate – hire the services of an experienced septic tank technician to rectify your problem right away.

Cherokee County Septic Tank Service 

Our Septic Service is the leading Cherokee County septic tank service. We have established a reputation of being committed to providing our clients with extraordinary septic tank and sewer service at affordable prices. Our highly-skilled employees provide real solutions, we offer a full range of septic tank services including: 

• Septic tank pumping
• Septic tank cleaning
• Drain (leach) field repair and installation
• Septic tank problems solved
• Septic tank locating
• Hydro-jet septic line clearing/cleaning
• Broken septic lid replacement
• Septic inspection letter for reality closings
• Equipment repair rather than replacement
• Pricing given prior to work being started - no surprises 
• No mark up pricing for weekends or holidays

As expert septic tank technicians, we are a one-stop shop to all your septic and sewer needs. We are a licensed and insured Georgia septic and sewer company. We’re proud to service several neighborhoods including Canton, Cumming, Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Sugar Hill, Norcross, Lilburn, Snellville, Duluth and the surrounding areas.

In addition to providing quality septic tank services, we also go one step further by educating our customers on how to operate and maintain their sewer and septic tank system to help prevent future problems. When you want your sewer and septic tank problems solved, choose Superior Septic and you won’t be disappointed. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Canton GA Septic Service

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When you have a septic tank emergency, don’t hesitate, simply give us a call or contact our Canton, GA septic tank service company today. We look forward to working with you.

We promote long-term relationships with customers through quality service and truth in service.

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  • We offer 24 Hour Emergency Support to all of our customers in Cherokee and Forsyth Counties and surrounding areas.


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Here are a few helpful tips for you to consider when using septic tanks or grease traps.


  • Always use the designated amount of cleaning detergents for toilets and drains
  • Replace old fixtures with "low flow" ones to help conserve water
  • Replace or repair any broken fixtures that are dripping or leaking in any way
  • Keep the run of the outdoor roof drains away from the septic tank areas
  • Keep the septic tank cover free from blocking objects, this makes for easier inspections
  • Frequently check to make sure there are no blocked air vents
  • Always hire a licensed professional to handle any inspections or repairs
  • Regularly have tank services done
  • Frequently run water in rarely used drains (any sinks or showers, etc.) to avoid toxic chemicals from building up in the drains and causing terrible odors on your property


  • Never overload a water system (consecutive loads of laundry or running multiple appliances at once)
  • Don't dump any solids into the sink
  • Don't pour any oils or fats down the drain
  • Don't use your sink or toilet as a disposal for your garbage
  • Don't put yeast down the sink or any other commercial products
  • Don't plant any trees around the head of the septic tank as the branches can ruin the pipes
  • Never cover the tank bed with hard substances like concrete or asphalt
  • Do not flush anything but human waste or toilet paper down the toilet (the ideal toilet paper is 1 ply)
  • Other products to not flush: coffee grounds, baby wipes, dental floss, cloth, tissues, medications, sanitary napkins, disposable diapers, etc.
  • Never enter the septic tank or inspect it on your own-there are dangerous (and fatal) chemicals used during the treatment process






 Issued Same Day

Certifications are required for real estate transactions. They are outlined as requirements to obtain certain types of home loans. They exist to protect the buyer from purchasing "unserviceable" property. Also, they are outlined as requirements to obtain certain types of home loans in escrow items.



Have you experienced any of these issues:

  • Septic tank level consistently high and water comes back from the drain field even after it has been pumped down.
  • Wet spots or mushy area in septic drainfield that never seem to dry up.
  • Failed septic inspection for house sale or refinancing
  • You cannot do laundry at home anymore because the system cannot handle the water output.

At a fraction of the cost of replacing your septic drainlines, TerraLift (or Terra-Lift) is an effective alternative to instantly improve the drainage on and around your septic drainlines.

Terralift is a state approved technological breakthrough in soil restoration. It solves a number of soil problems, including:

  • Compaction
  • Saturation
  • Improper drainage

The technology of TerraLift allows complete aeration of the septic drain field without disturbing your lawn or other landscaping.  The Terralift procedure will revitalize your septic drain field in a day or less. Superior Septic uses a 6 ft. narrow probe to penetrate the soil around the septic trenches. Once in the ground, it does several things at once: it sends a blast of compressed air into the soil creating new cracks and fissures for liquids to pass through. While the ground is still newly fractured, it sends very tiny polystyrene beads into the new new fractures to keep the new fissures permanently open after the ground settles. These beads are an essential key to the longevity of this process. Because air tends to follow the path of least resistance, both the air and the pellets will move horizontally and vertically upward through the soil.

Does TerraLift work? Read these testimonials from Terralift International: http://www.terraliftinternational.com/testimonials.html

Our Terra-Lift & Septic Repair Areas in GA Include:


For More Information on our TerraLift Click: www.FixMyDrainField.com

Before TerraLift – the septic tank is overflowing

After TerraLift – The tank is flowing properly. *These results were immediate, while the TerraLift operator was still on site.

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