Superior Septic offers top quality drain field repair in Canton GA.  Septic drain field problems can be frustrating, cause embarrassing odors, and be extremely inconvenient. These difficulties are usually caused by a buildup of biomat that prevents the liquid from being absorbed. Biomat is caused by intestinal bacteria which will usually be undetected when flowing through the septic system. It’s when they get to the drain field and the soil that the real problem begins. A clog will form in the drain field and the soil, preventing your drain field from doing its job effectively.

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To handle clogs and other problems caused by a build up of biomat, Call Superior Septic for septic service in Canton.  Biomat is a slimy substance caused by bacteria that will form on top of the drain fieldinstead of being absorbed into the soil. This sludge contains a potentially harmful anaerobic bacterium which could negatively affect your health if left untreated. Other concerns include that strong, putrid odor and back-ups through your plumbing fixtures. This is a serious sewer and septic service problem and must be addressed immediately.

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Superior Septic’s licensed and insured professionals handle drain field installation in Cumming and Acworth, ga and are prepared to help you resolve your drain field issues. We are committed to providing quality services as well as educating our customers on proper maintenance and inspection of their septic systems. We have found that this focus on education allows our customers to avoid the need for costly repairs in the future.

Our skilled technicians are plumbing industry experts with the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure proper installation, repair, and maintenance of your septic system.

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If you have a septic system issue or just need your septic tank cleaned, call us or contact our Acworth Drain Field Repair Company today for a free consultation and a quote. We will be able to identify the problem and discuss all the options available to you.

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