Saves money on Restoring your Drainfield rather than replacement. No Need to replace

No matter how well you take care of your septic system, it’s inevitable that there will come a day where your systems will fail. While it’s not something we want to think about, it’s a good idea to understsand what causes the problems and what you can do to fix them so that when that day comes you can be ready.

Although there are a number of reasons that can cause your septic system to fail, it all ends up coming back to the drainfield. A drainfield that is running properly treats the sewage by providing a setting for soil organisms to clean the effluents, and in order to do this, oxygen must be present.

Over time, as your system starts to age and gain some wear and tear, clogging tends to start happening where the rock and soil meet. This clogging mat is comprised of live soil bacteria, dead bacteria and fine solids, and as the system continues to run, the biomat becomes too thick, causing the water to pool in the rock. The liquid build up then displaces air and the soil treatment system begins to decline.

Even if your septic system is checked religiously and you take good care of it, your septic system will eventually need replacement or rehabilitation, and that’s where Atlanta Terralift comes into play.

What is Terralift?

Terralift is a technological breakthrough when it comes to soil restoration. It solves soil problems such as improper drainage, compaction and saturation, all without disturbing the ground surface. Within just a few hours, years of life and health can be added to your septic system, and it is practically hassle-free.

Terralift uses a long, narrow probe that penetrates the soil to depths of around 3 to 6 feet. These probes then force air into the soil at a controllable rate, fracturing the soil and, in turn, creating an aerobic condition.

Terralift is one of the top septic solutions in Metro Atlanta because it performs faster, cleaner and easier than any other method available, all while reducing your costs and keeping your property pollutant-free. As this is happening, polystyrene pellets are injected into the freshly aerated soil, maintaining the structure of the passages for the filtration of liquid away from the problem area.

Both the air and pellets will move horizontally and vertically throughout the passages, keeping the passages open and ensuring proper transpiration on a long-term basis.

Benefits of Terralift

Still not sure if Atlanta Terralift is the septic solution for you? Here are some of the major benefits of utilizing this method:

Saves you a tremendous amount of money. The cost of having your landscape dug up and serviced or replaced will cost you an arm and a leg, and most homeowners would prefer to avoid that if possible. Using Terralift allows homeowners to service their drainfields without having to tear up your property, saving you tons of money.

Noninvasive. As stated above, the Terralift procedure is noninvasive and does not require major landscape construction. All that’s left behind when Terralift is done are a few holes in the drainfield that will close up over time. 

Immediate results. Like any home problem, when you have a septic issue, you want it taken care of right away. Terralift does just that. Terralifting your entire drainfield takes very little time compared to other methods.

Fewer complications. Due to Terralift not being a complicated procedure, there are much fewer complications when it comes to performing it, ultimately avoiding an even larger disaster with your septic system.

Long lasting results. Once Terralift is performed on your drainfield, you can be sure that the results will last long into the future, making it even more worth your money. Terralift is not a temporary fix by any means.

If your drainfield is not cooperating, it’s best to talk with your local septic professionals who can help get your drainfield problem under control. This will save you time, money and frustration in the long run.